The HUP Range

The HUP Range

Launched in 2016 the Hup range is the most innovate crane on the market.

The telescopic masts allows it to be outperform all other cranes for height under hook.

The latest technology gives the driver outstanding data feedback and driving control.

Model Max Radius Tip Load Max Load Hook Height Data Sheet
HUP 32-27 32 m 1,000 kg 4,000 kg 27 m
HUP 32-27 datasheet
HUP 40-30 40 m 1,000 kg 4,000 kg 30 m
HUP 40-30 datasheet

HUP 32-27 Intro Video
HUP Reliability Testing Video
HUP Smart Set-Up Remote
GAPO Transporting HUP32-27