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MontaLift M21 Tower Crane added to the Hire Fleet (May 2019)

The mobile Montalift M21 in action Ladybird Crane Hire will take delivery of the innovative MontaLift M21 Tower Crane at the Vertikal Days trade show in May 2019.

The M21 features a Potain IGO21 tower crane mounted on a self-propelled 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer chassis and independently powered by its own generator.

The manoeuvrability of the crane makes it ideal for building sites spread over a large area where the crane can be regularly moved.

It has proved popular for installing roofing panels, solar panels, and for installing larger pre-fabricated systems as part of off-site construction schemes.

Key features:

  • Lifts 700kg at 26m, maximum lift of 1,800kg
  • 20 kVA generator or 400v 3-phase mains
  • 4.0m x 4.0m outrigger centres
  • Can be driven whilst fully erected
Available for hire now!

The mobile Montalift M21

Ladybird IGO50 features in Potain Encore film (June 2018)

Potain Refurbishment Video Potain have created a short film to promote their crane refurbishment service, the ‘Encore’ program. The film features one of our IGO50s being completely stripped down and rebuilt at the factory in France.

To view the YouTube film follow the link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi-T9F7M2xQ

Refurbished IGO50 at Vertikal Days 2018 (May 2018)

Refurbished IGO50 at Vertikal Days 2018 As part of our on-going fleet refurbishment program all of our older IGO50s are being completely rebuilt by the manufacturer at their factory in France.

The quality of the work is so good that we took a rebuilt crane to this year’s Vertikal Days show at Donnington Park.

In the words of everyone who inspected it, it looked "as good as new!"

Hup40-30 dominates at Plant Worx 2017 (June 2017)

Plant Worx Stand 2017 Plant Worx 2017 returned to Bruntingsthorpe in Leicestershire. We exhibited the new Potain Hup40-30 and with a height under hook of 30m, the crane dominated the skyline.

The show is an excellent opportunity to meet customers and new contacts and those looking for a crane could spot us with ease!

Hup40-30 Launched in the UK at Vertikal Days 2017 (May 2017)

Robert Bird of Ladybird Cranes and Christopher Elliot of CJ Trading The Potain Hup40-30 was launched in the UK at the 2017 Vertikal Days show.
Held at Silverstone in bright sunshine the crane attracted plenty of attention and saw the crane sold to CJ Trading.

The Hup40-30 is the latest self-erecting crane to be launched by market leader, Potain.
The crane features an innovative telescopic mast that allows the crane to achieve under hook heights of up to 30.0m. This is approximately 10.0m more than traditional self-erecting cranes. Ideal for working on high buildings, above high trees and on multi-crane sites, the Hup40-30 has proved an instant success. The crane also features Potain’s latest technology including variable slew options and a high speed hoist motor that can achieve 65 metres per minute in 4 falls, almost double the speed of the IGO50 that the Hup40-30 is designed to replace.

New Hup32-27 launched in the UK

New HUP32-27 The first of Potain’s innovative new telescopic mast self-erecting cranes will arrive in the UK in June 2016. The first HUP32-27 will arrive for the Vertikal trade show before starting work in Ladybird Cranes’ hire fleet.

The Hup32-27 is the first crane in a completely new range of cranes set to take over from the IGO range of cranes. The Hup’s most impressive feature is a telescopic mast that allows increased height under hook of up to 27m. This will allow the cranes to work on buildings up to 7-8 stories in height and work over the top of high trees and over other self-erecting cranes on the same site.

Other features include a high speed hoisting winch, more precise slewing controls and full colour display on the handset to give the driver better information and feedback.

A big brother to the crane will be launched in 2017 with a 40m jib and an impressive 30m under the hook, the Hup40-30.

Plantworx Exhibition – 2015

Plantworx Exhibition – 2015 The Potain IGOM14 made its PlantWorx debut at the 2015 show held at Bruntingthorpe Airfield in Leicestershire. The new showground location proved a great success attracted new and existing customers to our stand to shelter from the strong wind and occasional sunshine.

The IGOM14 is the newest crane in IGO range and showed off the leading technology and quality of the Potain product.

New Cranes in Stock for 2014 (May 2014)

IGO50 in stock We are now stocking a new IGO50 at our Bromsgrove yard ready for immediate purchase in 2014. As the economy improves, lead times on new machines are increasing and so we have invested in stock machines to give our customers better access to the ever popular IGO50 at the shortest possible notice.

The crane is available to view from the middle of May after the 2014 Vertikal Days show on 14 & 15 May.

The IGO50 is the largest of the IGO range of self-erecting crane with a 40.0m jib length, lifting 1,000kg at the end and with a maximum lift of 4,000kg. It is compatible with our GAPO transport system and is ideal for large timber frame construction works.

Ladybird Crane Sales at Plantworx Exhibition (May 2013)

A new IGO50 proved the high point of the inaugural Plant worx show at Stoneleigh Park. As the only tower crane on show it cut a distinguished presence across the skyline of the showground.

With over 10,000 visitors there was plenty of interest in the innovative Potain range of self-erecting tower cranes and based on the feedback from the show there will be plenty more cranes improving site safety and productivity in the coming years.

Ladybird Crane Sales at Vertikal Days (June 2012)

Vertikal Days 2012 Ladybird Crane Sales attended the 2012 Vertikal Days showing a Potain IGO50 alongside two Grove mobile cranes on the Manitowoc stand. As the only self-erecting tower crane at the show it attracted plenty of interest.

The IGO50 is the largest of the IGO range of self-erecting crane with a 40.0m jib length, lifting 1,000kg at the end and with a maximum lift of 4,000kg. It is compatible with our GAPO transport system and is ideal for large timber frame construction works.

This is the first trade show that Ladybird Cranes has attended as distributors for Potain self-erecting cranes. It shows our commitment to the brand which will be backed up in 2013 by our attendance at the new PlantWorx show at Stoneleigh.

Ladybird Crane Sales appointed as UK distributors for Potain GMA cranes. (17/04/2012)

After many years of working closely with Potain UK, we are delighted to have been appointed as UK dealers for the Potain range of self erecting cranes.  Since purchasing the UK rental fleet in 2003, we have continued a strong relationship with Potain and built up a hire fleet of their cranes. 

After almost 10 years of working with the IGO range of cranes we have developed a wealth of experience in running and maintaining the equipment and are well placed to support sales to end users and hire companies across the mainland UK. 

Main Dealer Agreement

Whilst running our own teams of dedicated engineers and stocking a wide range of parts at our central UK depot, we will continue to work closely with Potain and be supported by their engineers and parts back up. 

We will be exhibiting at the Vertikal Days show at Haydock Park in June and have committed to the new plant show, Plantworx at Stoneleigh in May 2013.

   Manitowoc Press Release