IGO T Range

Igo T - Cranes that Climb The IGO T Range uses additional 6m mast sections to allow users to climb the crane from 20m - 38m

With lifting capacities up to 8 tons and jib lengths up to 50m, the IGO T range provides 'big crane' performance at half the installation and dismantle cost. The ideal crane for relatively short periods of heavy lifting work.

Model Max Radius Tip Load Max Load Hook Height Data Sheet
Igo T 70 40 m 1450 kg 4000 kg 32 m
Igo T 70 datasheet
Igo T 85 A 45 m 1400 kg 6000 kg 38 m
Igo T 85 A datasheet
Igo T 130 50 m 1400 kg 8000 kg 37,3 m
Igo T 130 datasheet

Igo T range brochure: Igo T range brochure

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